The press destructor for medical waste

  • Volume 60 liters
  • 1700 х 380 х 500 mm
  • Cycle: 30 seconds
  • Delivery time - 15 working days
  • Warranty service 12 months
Contents of delivery

The press destructor is designed to equip medical facilities in order to solve the problems of medical waste disposal and full compliance with the requirements of modern legislation.

After neutralization in the "UOMO" System, medical waste is loaded into the Press Destructor, in which the marketable (external) appearance is changed, excluding the possibility of their reuse, which corresponds to SanPiN 2.1.3684-21.

The press1
Instructions with a passport1
Removable faucet with a fitting for the drain hole of the chamber1
Special heavy duty bags50
Press typeHydraulic
Size (HxDxW)1700 х 380 х 500 mm
Weight160 kg
Supply voltage220V/50Hz
Engine power2.2 kW
Pressing force9 tons
Press cycle30 sec
Receiving chamber volume60 l
  • 1 The compactness of the Press-destructor for waste allows it to be placed both together with the System - "UOMO", and separately, in any convenient room
  • 2 No specialized installation or configuration required
  • 3 Connection to a standard 220V power outlet
  • 4 Housing made of polished stainless steel
  • 5 Adjustable feet allow stable installation even with floor imperfections
  • 6 Flip-down chamber simplifies the process of both filling and removing waste
  • 7 An additional drain hole in the chamber, equipped with a tap, allows not only to empty the chamber from the liquid after pressing the waste, but also to disinfect it
  • 8 The use of the Press Destructor allows the neutralized waste of class "B" and "C" to be removed (transported) and buried together with class "A" waste (as MSW), which significantly reduces the financial costs of LPO
  • 9 Reducing the volume of medical waste as a result of Press destruction to a ratio of 1:5 minimizes the cost of placement and temporary storage of medical waste

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