The system for microwave neutralization of medical waste "UOMO-T90"

  • 55.00 kg
  • Volume 90 liters
  • 520 x 820 x 570 mm
  • 10 kg / 30 l per cycle

The "UOMO" system is intended for the neutralization of medical waste of class "B" (epidemiologically dangerous) and class "C" (extremely epidemiologically dangerous), infected with all possible types of bacterial and viral infections, in the places of their primary formation and centrally.

The system for microwave neutralization "UOMO" has successfully passed the tests in the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology VECTOR for the neutralization of the ampouled live virus vaccines without the violating the integrity of the ampoules.

The size520 x 820 x 570 mm
Weight55.00 kg
Supply voltage220V / 50Hz
Power2.5 kW
Chamber volume90 liters
Performance10 kg / 30 l per cycle
  • 1 The possibility of waste neutralization at the place of their formation
  • 2 No specialized installation or configuration is required
  • 3 Fully automatic decontamination process
  • 4 No special training or permission is required to work with the System
  • 5 Connection to a standard 220V power outlet
  • 6 No high pressure and high temperatures
  • 7 No disinfectant, either "before" or "in progress" of neutralization
  • 8 Modern smoke protection
  • 9 No microwave radiation outside the system case
  • 10 "UOMO" systems do not produce toxic and carcinogenic substances and materials
  • 11 The system does not contain explosive, radioactive and combustible materials and components
  • 12 Service availability
  • 13 Warranty service within 12 months
  • Сертификат соответствия

    Certificate of conformity

  • Регистрационное удостоверение МЭ и СР РФ

    Registration certificate of the ME and SR RF

  • 100 лучих товаров Росиии

    100 best goods of Russia

  • Декларация качества

    Quality Declaration

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